Friday, November 26, 2010

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Bo Cinq

Last Sunday I went to Bo Cinq with my friend Danielle. I like the safari meets industrial style. The concrete floor with kelim rugs, the colonial furniture combined with vintage Eames chairs, the wooden grey green wall ceiling with the brick wall. I think the interior designer created the right atmosphere!

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

George Deli Amsterdam

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I haven't been there yet so I will tell you later what I think of it. I like the interior because of the unfinished ceiling, the fishbone wooden floor and the Carrara marble bar

George Deli USA opened last week in Amsterdam. It's the new sister of Cafe George and Restaurant George.
They serve classics like club sandwich en pizza tuna and typical french dishes like fruits de mer, charcuterie and oeufs à la coque as well.

George Deli
Utrechtsestraat 17, Amsterdam
Open monday till sunday 08.00 en 20.00

A day at the office: Paint it black

I29 Interior Architects created a new office interior for Gummo, which embraces the 'reduce, reuse, recycle'-mantra.
Neadless to say, the interior design budget was tight.
So I29 Interior Architects decided to reduce, reuse and recycle to create a stylish office space that would impact as little as possible on the environment or Gummo's wallet.
A theme was developped that would reflect the clients personality and design philosophy: simple, uncomplicated, no-nonsense, yet unquestionably stylish with a twist of humour. To reduce costs, all furniture was locally sourced via Marktplaats (sort of a Dutch eBay), charity shops and left overs from the old office. Everything was spray painted environmently friendly paint.
(text Frame & pictures I29)

Monday, November 22, 2010

The white house

I think it's nice that, even with children, some people choose a white floor and are not afraid that it will get dirty easily. But it looks so bright & light, it's probably worth it. Maybe in my next house I will consider it, but for now it's an whitewash oak wooden floor...

(article VT wonen)

Patricia Urquiola: Mandarin Oriental

This Mandarin Oriental in Barcelona, designed by Patricia Urquiola, looks so fresh. Definitely in these dark these it gives me a feeling of spring. I like the open wall structure she used, the amount of daylight and the bright colours. Patricia Urquiola is one of my favorite designer and a great inspiration because she uses unexpected combinations of furniture and forms. Ofcourse she used her own bathroom collection of Axor, Hansgrohe.


Sunday, November 21, 2010

Concrete sofa

I'm searching for on old chesterfield sofa for a room at our office and during my search I saw this one and I think it's a fantastic idea and looks so real!
UK-based Gray Concrete created this concrete Chesterfield sofa for exhibiting at 100% Design London. The sofa is made by taking a mold from a real Chesterfield, which is then used to make a glass textile reinforced casting.



In Stockholm I saw these Björk rugs and cushion at Design house Stockholm.I fell in love because of the leather edging in combination with the rough structure of the rug. Lena Bergström’s conviction is that a rug’s flat textile surface is just as natural in the home as stone and wood. “To me, the rugs are poetry, like a quiet whisper within the room.” 
“Björk is the Swedish word for birch, a tree that is found all over Sweden and is the symbol of Umeå, the town I grew up in,” adds Lena. “I’ve been inspired by the rough black and white trunk which has a strong graphical and unique structure. The leather edging alludes to the inside of the birch.” 
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