Friday, October 22, 2010

Moooi Gallery

The Moooi gallery is in my street and 
I think it's a really inspiring shop for years now! 
So when your in Amsterdam, don't forget...

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

My trip to Stockholm

A few weeks ago I went to Stockholm with my boyfriend. We booked a room in advance and we hoped that the hotel would be as cool as it looked in the magazines. It was much more then I expected, I can really recommend the Story Hotel. I love the industrial look of the building, the contrast between the raw concrete with the shininess of the copper is a good find and you saw that back it in every detail.  Here are some pictures and other must see's in the city.

In the bar they serve very nice coctails.

The restaurant, the food is really good, 
breakfast as well. Even when you don't stay 
in the hotel, it's really worth 
it go there for drinks or dinner.

Cafe Rival, a nice cafe where we had 
lunch outside.

Grandpa, shop with colthes & more

Non Solo bar, good coffee!!! 

Urban Outfitters

Sunday, October 17, 2010

My home

My first post contains a few pictures of my apartment in Amsterdam. A few months ago I moved from de 2nd to the 1st floor. You probably ask yourself why? Well, there was more then one reason for all this effort, like a nice wooden floor, central heating, better kitchen and bathroom. Here is the result.... 

This is my inspiration wall, it's one of the post personal things
 in my apartment and it contains a lot of what I really love.

This is a vintage chair of Han Pieck,
 my father got it as a present over 30 years 
ago from a colleague who was moving to 
Canada, and now after years in the attic 
it's appreciated again every day!

An overview of the living

Sponge vase of Moooi 
(design Marcel Wanders) and a warrior 
of the terracota army in China.


Because I can't afford the real 
ones yet I frame pictures of art 
I love so I can still enjoy it,
 like this painting of 
Elizabeth Peyton

When I work frome home, i'm sitting at the dinning table so I have an nice view on the busy street and my inspiration wall.
Photography by Rosa van den Kerkhof for Rosa's inspiration