Wednesday, February 23, 2011

One of my designs for our office

Half a year ago we moved with our company and I designed several spaces in the building. The main theme for the Grand Cafe was to get nature inside, because our building is surounded by nature and it's a very light space with al lot of windows. It's a space with many functions, you can have lunch, you can have a meeting or an informal talk and you can game on the Nintendo Wii. It's nice to see that it is actually used a lot by my colleagues and the space feels very good to me, it's my biggest project till now and I've learned a lot from it! I will show you later more spaces of our office.



The Chuck Norris wall, a few colleagues are huge fans so we made a wall with their favorite quotes about him.

The original 3D design.
Photography by Rosa van den Kerkhof for Rosa's inspiration