Saturday, December 11, 2010

Affordable vintage chairs

For a new meeting room at our office I ordered 6 different vintage chairs from Project 99. I like them so much and i'm thinking of covering one of my own vintage chairs by them. Project 99 is a collection of designer furniture, made from refurbished furniture frames which are reupholstered with cow-hide or vintage wallpaper. Each piece is custom made and unique, numbered and signed individually. All chairs and stools are priced 99 euro. Project 99 is on display at Herengracht 560-2 in Amsterdam, The Netherlands
I'll show you pictures of the meeting room when it is finished.

Friday, December 10, 2010

A little inspiration for the weekend: feeling blue

Source VT Wonen

DIY project for the weekend

This weekend we're making a new bed of a pallet that is standing in the way in the hallway for ages. I will post the result later. This is the inspiration, the funny thing is I have grey sheets as well, so I hope it will look the same.

Source Republic of Fritz Hansen

Studio Styling: Fritz Hanzen

The styling of the magazine Republic of Fritz Hansen

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Scandinavian home

This is the house of a friend of mine. I really love their style and i'm very jealous at the white floors. In this white base all the furniture and art comes out so well and look sooooo pretty. It's really a home, with scandinavian touch. I show you the pictures shot by a Finnish magazine and the other ones were shot by VT Wonen. I think you get  a better impression and feel of the house through the Finnish pictures. What I like of VT Wonen style is that they show characteristic details of the interior, but I think their articles would get better when they shoot more overview picture as well. What do you think?




 (Source VT Wonen)

Room with a view

When you visit the gallery of my friend Christian in Rotterdam you get really inspired by all the beautiful furniture, design, art and books. He only sells things he likes and I think he has a great eye for beautiful things. It's a must see when you visit Rotterdam. I really like the colored squares on the wall, nice DIY idea. 

Oppert 2
3011 HV Rotterdam
+31 (0)10 414 02 80

This is a picture of a Photoshoot of Perscentrum wonen in the gallery

Tuesday, December 7, 2010


Today I saw work of Photographer Joe Fletcher at Desiretoinspire and I was so impressed that I must share his beautiful work wit you!