Saturday, October 30, 2010

Camper shop, Paris

This is the third time Tokujin Yoshioka designs for Camper, and the shop that recently opened in Paris is a space inspired by the loveliness of a landscape in full bloom. Beautiful! 

Neri&Hu design and research office

The "solo chair" was designed for the Waterhouse hotel in Shanghai. I really like it's timeless design. Unfortunately I don't know yet where you can order it in the Netherlands. I would to use it in a project. 

 Sitables, solid walnut with high golss piano paint finish. They sell them at Moooi gallery in Amsterdam.

D'espresso NY

A colleague of mine told me about this coffee shop, and I love it! They printed de books on the tiles, very simple and still practical. They put the ceiling lighting on the wall, clever detail. The coffee shop  was designed by New York studio Nemaworkshop

Monday, October 25, 2010

3d movie, Lloyd Hotel Amsterdam Histor

During Elle inside design Lloyd Hotel in Amsterdam,  Histor projected a great movie on the outside of the building!  Don't forget to pump up the volume...


Hotel Waterhouse Shanghai

The Waterhouse, a luxury Boutique hotel on the South Bund of Shanghai, is a legitimate reason for me to go to Shanghai again soon. I love the industrial style. The Chinese company Neri & Hu Design and Research Office designed this gorgeous hotel.

(Pictures website Waterhouse Hotel)