Saturday, October 30, 2010

Neri&Hu design and research office

The "solo chair" was designed for the Waterhouse hotel in Shanghai. I really like it's timeless design. Unfortunately I don't know yet where you can order it in the Netherlands. I would to use it in a project. 

 Sitables, solid walnut with high golss piano paint finish. They sell them at Moooi gallery in Amsterdam.

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  1. Rosa, if you are interested for a project, I'd definitely suggest contacting Design Republic in Shanghai for the Solo Chair. I am not sure if the larger neri&hu furniture items are available overseas yet...

    An earlier study of the chair was used in the Sureno restaurant project at The Opposite House in Beijing (your third photo), which finished right before the Olympics. They are comfortable, but the manufacturer took many liberties of their own accord which 'thickened' the original design. As part of the collection, neri&hu has taken it back to the original proportions and has continued to both refine and add pieces to create a collection. This includes the dining chair, a lounge chair, an ottoman and a few types of tables.

    Those that you see for Waterhouse, were customized for the owners of The Waterhouse/Table No. 1...