Saturday, November 6, 2010

Du style

I searched for this article for hours. An older picture of an article of VT wonen was mentioned on Emma's design blog by VogesParis and I remebered I saw a newer picture somewere but I had no clou so I searched for hours and finally found it in Volkskrant magazine. 
Here are the pictures that were used in VT wonen a few years ago. I think it's remarkable how different the space looks because of the position of the camera.

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  1. I so remember this 'binnenkijker' ;) Weel I remember a lot of them as it is a magazine I read over and over again ;) Thanks for scanning the pictures and all the effort uou put in it...PS You live on one of my favorie spots in town ;)

    I will give your blog some introduction on my site for the next week as you seem a new blogger
    all the best,