Tuesday, December 14, 2010

It's all in the mix: grey, white and wood

(source VT Wonen)

This the house of a former colleague of mine at Piet Boon. She used a lot of the furniture line of Piet Boon Zone,  quite logic when you work there, but still they made the interior there own and not a typical Piet Boon house. They mixed self made furniture like the wooden couch with the grey cushions and the table with Moooi, IKEA and VT Wonen. what makes it so beautiful is the built in principal, it's typical Piet Boon, but I think it smart.

To get a chic look by putting a wooden shelf in between the walls and put basins on it combine it with built in taps and a simple mirror and you have a affordable bathroom solution that gives a chic hotel look. see example above and in the kitchen as well.

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