Tuesday, July 5, 2011

My new home office

In Septembre I will start my own freelance business in interior design and I'm very busy with my business plan and stuff like that. Very exciting! In the beginning I will work from home so I have to create a bigger space where I can work and store my stuff. I would like to create a big floating worktable, something like the picture in my mood board, but unfortunately that's not possible because of the fireplace as you can see at the picture of my home office as it is at the moment. I will solve this problem by using a drawer from IKEA at one side, that will support the table top.

Moodboard for my new home office

(source danellebourgeois.com, Ahrend.com, picture via Reform, Ikea.com, picture via hus&hem)

My home office at the moment
Photography Rosa van den Kerkhof

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  1. Hi, heb je al een Twitteraccount aangemaakt??

    Ik vind de witte basis erg mooi, zo kan je tenminste losgaan met allerlei inspirerende dingetjes zonder dat het te druk wordt!

    Liefs Samira