Monday, October 17, 2011

DIY in black

I bought this lamp on Marktplaats (dutch ebay) for €10,- and it was white, but the base was made of plastic in stead of metal and didn't look good. So my boyfriend and I spray painted it with several layers and, I'm so happy with it. My workplace is almost finished now.

 © Rosa van den Kerkhof



  1. Dat wordt een mooie strakke werkplaats! vandaag heb ik een giveaway van een mooie zwart wit print... voor jouw office misschien ?
    gr. desiree

  2. Thanks Desiree,

    Ik heb me aangemeld voor de giveaway, leuk initiatief en bedankt voor de tip! Gr, Rosa

  3. It makes a better statement in black... a non-shine black. Congratulations! Your Office Space (or should I say Lounge? As it is what inspires me, to lounge there and get lost in all those details - the pictures, the memos) is Lovely!

  4. Thanks Teresa! I spend so much time there so it has to be good, but I haven't finished yet so you will see it come by more often :-)