Friday, January 7, 2011

Stylist Abigail Ahern: work & home

London designer Abigail Ahern has an inspiring shop in London, is an interior designer and has a blog where she writes about must have products, design trends and gorgeous interiors, nice! She published a book as well, A girl's guide to decorating, the cover looks inviting. 
The first pictures are from here home and the colorful ones are from designs for clients. What a difference, but I can understand that she wants a harmonious interior with grey's and natural colors and materials, when you are in so much color all day. But I like here cool and quirky style as well and that she is absolutely not afraid to use color. Great inspiration for the weekend!

 (Source VT Wonen)



  1. Hi Rosa,
    Thanks for the post on my house its actually the same house believe it or not. The white walls were quite a number of years ago when we had just moved in. Now my style has evolved into something way more eclectic and intriguing and looking at those first images have to say never going back to the neutral palette - feels so dull. Abigail

  2. Hi Abigail,

    That's so funny, I would never expected that! ... but as I said before I like your use of color a lot! Rosa