Friday, January 7, 2011

Ysbreeker Amsterdam

This Cafe/restaurant in Amsterdam is a place where I haven't been yet because it's at the other side of town and when you live in Amsterdam you get spoiled and lazy because of the amount of nice venues. My father often plans his meetings over there and is very enthusiastic about it, so that's how goy curious. When I see these pictures I think it's worth it to bike to the east side! I really like the black steel construction at the bar to show the bottles. These industrial construction suits the building very well, they used it at the entrance as well. The interior design is done by PrastHooft who have designed a few of my favourites here in Amsterdam.

Café Restaurant De Ysbreeker.
Weesperzijde 23
1091 EC Amsterdam
T + 31 20 468 1808
F + 31 20 468 1255

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