Monday, April 18, 2011

Inspirational craft by Claudy Jongstra

Busy times lately, that's why I have been I bit silent....  I also went to London with my colleagues to visit inspirational food concepts, I will post about this trip later.
I wanted to post somthing about Claudy Jongstra for a long time because I love her felt work for years. Last year I went to a lecture where she told about how they work at the studio. It was really inspiring what she told about the dyeing process with the natural pigments that she grows mostly on her own farm.
The blue work is for the exhibition at the United Nations in New York that was held in february.

Claudy Jongstra, installation at the United Nations, image courtesy the designer

Photography by Frisian Wouw

Photography by Forbo

photography by Jeroen Musch

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